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PixelPro is a locally owned film and video production company. We take your company’s vision and produce a video that brings your message across. The idea behind video is to take your online visitor and turn them into paying clients. We can’t always be in front of our clients, and video has been proven to be the next best thing. It is working 100% of the time!

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PixelPro is here to help you create a video that is right for you or your business. We specialize in: real estate, corporate video, events, weddings, aerial video and more. Let us know what you need and we can do the rest.

  • On-Site Videography
  • Event Coverage
  • Instructional Videos
  • Interview / Testimonials
  • Motion Graphics
  • Aerial Videography

Let us bring your business to life with a promotional video for your customers. Company profiles, web marketing & social media videos, educational or training videos, product & promotional videos, TV commercials, testimonials, etc.

At PixelPro we strive to make this the best experience possible for our clients. Video production can  be a fun to do, so let me show you how it works.

  • Pre-Production
    For any film or video project, pre-production is sometimes the part where people look over. But this is a very important step to get your project done right. We will meet with you to talk about the vision of the video. We will get all the details that we need before starting the project.. This will let us be prepared so we can move through the project as smooth as possible. Next, we’ll build upon your vision, taking every detail into consideration.
  • Production
    This is where your vision starts to take shape. Camera, Lights, Action! We take the very things we learned in our meetings and begin the work. We will provide everything that is required for your shoot.
  • Post-Production
    Once our shoot is complete we download and backup your project. Using the latest in editing software we begin to create your story. We will make sure your film/video is going to look and sound in a way that we can connect with your clients. Every sequence that we use will be color corrected and the graded to a look and feel.
  • Delivery
    Once approved, the final copy is packaged and delivered in the requested format – DVD, Digital download, YouTube, or whatever type of modern technology you need! Your target audience will dictate the most appropriate delivery format. Online audiences can be offered one of many web-ready formats, such as MP4, FLV or H.264 for fast streaming.
Chad at Pixel Pro is awesome! He was awesome to work with, understanding our teams vision, was willing to work in a tight time-frame while keeping our budget in consideration. Would definitely recommend his work to anyone looking!
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